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The exponential growth of the Healthcare firm quickly became their biggest challenge with their current IT company. Their current provider just simply could not provide the required services and solutions that was needed from their rapid growth. This is what led them to Gulf South Technology Solutions.  

The firm had never staffed an internal IT department and didn’t want to start now. Regular turnover, a tedious interview process, followed by a knowledge transfer, involving internal IT teams, made the handling of their data risky. However, the firm needed a reliable team they could depend on for securing data and solutions to the most pressing IT emergencies. 

The Healthcare firm also needed an IT consultant who could handle the industry specific challenges. Patient data requires the utmost privacy and protection, beyond average expectations. Complying with HIPPA requirements demands razor-sharp precision and extensive attention to detail.



Backup Strategy.  Every company needs to be prepared if disaster strikes. Gulf South Technology Solutions built both, on and off-site backups, for the firm so if any disaster were to occur, they could be back up and running within 4 to 8 hours. 

Purchase Essential Hardware.  To keep everything running smoothly,Gulf South Technology Solutionsinstalled the best, and most up to date, software for the Healthcare firm with data protection at the forefront. When the firm needed tablets for their employees,Gulf South Technology Solutionsprovided encrypted devices and secure SD cards. Encryption was key; if one device or SD card is ever lost or stole, there is no opportunity for the data to be accessed by an unauthorized user.

Cloud Integration.  With 43 different locations, it was vital to build a seamless connection between each site, and this was made possible through secure implementation of the cloud. Employees at locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida can now retrieve important documents at a moments notice while working efficiently as a team. 

Help Desk Services.  At any time, employees can call to receive help with their IT needs with a dedicated team always on staff and ready to assist.Gulf South Technology Solutionsconducts semi-annual visits, remote support, and proactive on-site checks at the firm’s convenience. 

Security/Patching. Protecting patients’ most sensitive data is a priority.Gulf South Technology Solutionsinstitutes firewall protection, regular updates to antivirus software, and monitors logs for potential attacks.



Ability to Scale.  With the help ofGulf South Technology Solutions, the firm has experienced substantial growth. Over the past 3 years they’ve been able to increase their staff from 850 employees to 1700.Gulf South Technology Solutions built a new hire process and shrunk hire-to-work time from five days to three days.  

Dedicated & Consistent Team.  At theGulf South Technology Solutions office, a team is ready and waiting to resolve any issues that may arrise and provide proactive solutions. Their services are the backbone to their data protection and uninterrupted workflow. If a problem cannot be resolved through their IT specialist, one can be on site within a few hours. 

Protection.   The firm enjoys full protection and complete privacy for their data. Any device, tool, or software used is now configured for ultimate safety and industry regulated service makes sure that they are protected and operating within the guidelines mandated.


Gulf South Technology Solutions offers in-depth services that businesses require to grow, strengthen, and protect their data. Every client receives support from a dedicated staff, working around the clock to maintain this relationship and provide excellent service.
They work with clients to cater specifically to their IT needs through professional management & installation of hardware, software, cloud solutions, and networks. 
Gulf South Technology Solutions provides each of its clients with a safe and trusted IT environment for customers, their documents, and the processes necessary for growth.

Complete Solutions 

• Hardware and Software
• Backup Strategy
• Ship Hardware to Location
• Monitoring Logs
• Maintain Vendor Relationships
• Cloud Integration
• ISPs at Every Location
• Security/Patching
• Help Desk Services
• Risk Management 
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