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Throughout the Greystone Golf and Country Club’s grounds, visitors and employees interact with several databases, computers, and workstations on a daily basis to fulfill their needs and tasks. 

Greystone came to Gulf South Technology Solutions in hopes of finding an IT company that could provide them with overall support for every aspect of their business. 

Greystone needed to know that they had someone they could depend on. 

Gulf South Technology  Solutions was faced with the challenge of providing seamless IT support throughout Greystone’s grounds. Every facility came with a unique challenge and needed to function in unison with the rest.



Maintain POS Systems.  Greystone’s Pro Shop is one of the most important hubs on the grounds. Golfers come in and out of the shop constantly to stay up to date with the best golf accessories and clubs. In order to keep the shop growing successfully, the point of sales systems had to stay up to date as well.  

Gulf South Technology Solutions maintains the POS systems throughout the Pro Shop and correct any problems that may arise. Constant updates ensure there are no halts in sales or service. 

PCI Compliance.  The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a hurdle every business that accepts, processes, stores, or transmits credit card data must tackle. On a daily basis, Greystone provides services and products to visitors that requires them to be within PCI Compliance.  

Gulf South Technology Solutions prepared Greystone for all PCI Compliance assessments and maintains their sales processes throughout the year. Every customer’s information is stored securely and each transaction is conducted safely. 

Administrative Workplaces.  The administrative staff at Greystone is the backbone that keeps every facility up and running. However, to maintain a high level of productivity and service, they need the support of an experienced IT staff. Gulf South Technology Solutions provides the Greystone administration with constant assistance and are readily available to solve any IT problems.  Greystone can now maintain efficiency, while continuing to provide the best services for visitors.



Constant IT Support. Gulf South Technology Solutions is available to assist Greystone with around the clock service; issues can be solved remotely or a dedicated member of their IT team can be on site within a matter of hours. 

Expansive Software & Server Management.  Software and servers require constant management and acute attention to data logs. Gulf South Technology Solutions takes care of this entire process by providing updates to the software of each POS workstation throughout the grounds and maintains routine server checks. Greystone is constantly being evaluated for gaps in security to ensure all of their data is protected.  

IT Consulting for the Future.  Gulf South Technology Solutions has a team of professionals dedicated to predicting solutions Greystone may need down the line. The best way to avoid a problem is to prepare. Greystone’s team at Gulf South Technology Solutions is constantly on the lookout for solutions that will improve their IT infrastructure. No matter what’s ahead, Greystone is ready, thanks to Gulf South Technology Solutions.


Gulf South Technology Solutions offers in-depth services that businesses require to grow, strengthen, and protect their data. Every client receives support from a dedicated staff, working around the clock to maintain this relationship and provide excellent service.
They work with clients to cater specifically to their IT needs through professional management & installation of hardware, software, cloud solutions, and networks. 
Gulf South Technology Solutions provides each of its clients with a safe and trusted IT environment for customers, their documents, and the processes necessary for growth.

Complete Solutions 

• Hardware and Software
• Backup Strategy
• Ship Hardware to Location
• Monitoring Logs
• Maintain Vendor Relationships
• Cloud Integration
• ISPs at Every Location
• Security/Patching
• Help Desk Services
• Risk Management 
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