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The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank came to Gulf South Technology Solutions when they were looking to switch to a larger IT company, because they were outgrowing the capabilities of their current service provider. They were also looking for IT experts that could provide services and products, who would be vital in the future for providing day-to-day IT solutions. 

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank switched to Gulf South Technology Solutions just two months before the historic flooding in Baton Rouge. Suddenly, they were faced with a host of new problems. Their headquarters was drowned in 4 feet of water and almost everything was either damaged or lost. The number one priority during this time was to retrieve as much of their data as possible, so they could begin assisting the city with the recovery process. 



Disaster Recovery Plan.  After the Great Flood of 2016 in Baton Rouge, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank lost all of their data. Luckily, they had hired Gulf South Technology Solutions, who had begun the process of backing up their data. A disaster recovery plan was established at the start of the project, so when the disaster hit, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank was back up and running, with their data intact, within 2 days. 

Cloud Integration.  Being able to access important company data and documents from any location can completely transform work-life efficiency. When Gulf South Technology Solutions was hired, all of Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s data was moved into the cloud. Today, there is no on-site service equipment at either location, which allows every office a unified, secure access point for the company’s data and documents. 

Help Desk Services IT.  IT problems can leave any workplace at a standstill. With the help of Gulf South Technology Solutions, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank doesn’t have to wait to receive troubleshooting service. Gulf South Technology Solutions uses remote technology to fix any issues that may arise instantly. If the problem cannot be solved remotely, a team member can be on-site within a few hours to solve the problem. 

Future Solutions Consulting.  When the IT security landscape changes every 6 months, it is difficult to plan for the future. Gulf South Technology Solutions is continuously bettering Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank’s preparation and security for future IT problems that may arise. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is educated on upcoming IT trends, so they can be ready to respond with the right solutions.



Improved IT Infrastructure.  With the help of Gulf South Technology Solutions, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank now enjoys exceptional IT infrastructure management. All servers, cloud storage, phones, networking, and other IT problems are handled and updated regularly. Gulf South Technology Solutions functions as their backbone and provides the ongoing support they need to run smoothly. 

All-Around Protection.  Every process and action that occurs in the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank offices is highly protected. Before Gulf South Technology Solutions, they experienced issues with viruses, malware, and other harmful software. Gulf South Technology Solutions installed proactive solutions to constantly checks for any gaps in security. 

Readiness.  Thanks to Gulf South Technology Solutions, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank is ready for any IT emergency. Threats can now be prevented, or followed up, with an actionable IT solution quickly. The staff is ready to respond to any upcoming IT trends, while all of their data is protected safely and securely in the cloud.


Gulf South Technology Solutions offers in-depth services that businesses require to grow, strengthen, and protect their data. Every client receives support from a dedicated staff, working around the clock to maintain this relationship and provide excellent service.
They work with clients to cater specifically to their IT needs through professional management & installation of hardware, software, cloud solutions, and networks. 
Gulf South Technology Solutions provides each of its clients with a safe and trusted IT environment for customers, their documents, and the processes necessary for growth.

Complete Solutions 

• Hardware and Software
• Backup Strategy
• Ship Hardware to Location
• Monitoring Logs
• Maintain Vendor Relationships
• Cloud Integration
• ISPs at Every Location
• Security/Patching
• Help Desk Services
• Risk Management 
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