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Greystone Golf & Country Club

Throughout the Greystone grounds, visitors and employees interact with several databases, computers and workstations on a daily basis to fulfill their needs and tasks.

We are able to help Greystone Golf & Country Club with:

  • Constant IT Support
  • Expansive Software & Server Management
  • PCI Compliance

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Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

As the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank grew quickly, they realized they needed expert IT support that could adapt to their growing needs.                 

We are able to help the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank with:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Integration
  • Protection From Potential Security Threats

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Healthcare Service Provider

They needed an IT consultant who could handle the challenges, and responsibility of healthcare industry regulations and provide protection of patient data.                                             

We are able to help this private provider with:

  • Data Protection
  • Help Desk Support
  • Overall Company Growth                         

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