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Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

Posted by Gulf South Technology Solutions on Aug 10, 2016 11:30:00 AM


What is the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience?

The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a hands-on introduction to Windows 10 and the new Office that gives you an opportunity to experience these powerful new productivity solutions for yourself.

A CIE is not a generic demo about all the features Microsoft products offer. It’s a true-to-life user experience that takes you through common work-related scenarios, such as being productive while mobile, using social networking to get work done, and connecting in real time with coworkers and customers. It also gives you a first-hand look at the fresh yet familiar experience of Windows 10 and the exciting features of the new Office across a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs and smartphones.

>Our trained facilitator, Haggai Davis, leads customers to discover the right solutions for their business in an interactive, experiential and fun setting.

>The CIE leverages Windows 10, Office 365 and Office 2016 and is usually set up at a partner office conference room or onsite at the customer location. It is designed to be interactive, experiential and fun.

Who should attend a CIE?

The CIE is designed to show businesses, schools, government entities and/or non-profits how they can be more productive using Windows 10 and Office 365.

How long does a CIE session last?

Usually between 2-3 hours, but it is flexible.

Is there flexibility in what is covered in the CIE?

Yes, there is approximately 30 hours of material that could be potentially covered. We will discuss with you what is most important to you and your organization and make sure those topics are covered.

What are some of the topics you cover in a typical CIE?

Typically, we will take a hands on look at Windows 10 first, use some of the new features to how they can be of use to the individual user. Then we will go into Outlook 2016, learn how to be more efficient with your email and from there use Skype for Business, which in my opinion is the most powerful tool in the office 365 suite. After Skype for Business, we get in to OneDrive, OneNote and some of the enhancements to Word & Excel. If there is time we will get into Sway, which is the relatively new program that is designed to make presentations come to life in a way that PowerPoint just can’t do.

How does a business sign up for a CIE?

http://www.gulfsouthtech.com/cie or call us at the office 225-216-2169

What should attendees bring to a CIE?

People attending a CIE do not have to bring anything with them at all, but an open mind willing to learn something new. If someone wants to bring a pen & note pad to take notes, that’s fine, but the CIE moves along rather quickly at times and taking a lot of notes might have some falling behind and not getting the full experience.

What if my business is not big enough for Office 365?

The good news is that Office 365 works for all sizes of businesses, from 1 person working out of their home, to Facebook with their 13,000 employees that we talked about in the 1st segment.

Do I have to have 10 people form my organization attend at the same time?

>No, in fact, a lot of the CIE sessions we do have people from multiple businesses; 2 people from 1 company 4, from another 3 from a 3rd company. It doesn’t matter. And if you have a lot of employees, we can do multiple sessions over the week the lab is in town, or over a couple of months even.

How much does a CIE Session cost?

Absolutely nothing! There is no charge to attend a CIE, and there is no obligation to have to use GSTS. Of course we would like you to use us for all of your IT needs, but again, there is no obligation.

Where do you host the CIE sessions?

>At our office on Goodwood Blvd, across the street from the Goodwood Library.

Attend a CIE event by registering today!  Learn More about the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience  

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