5 Uses For Security Cameras You Hadn't Thought Of

Posted by Gulf South Technology Solutions on Mar 18, 2019 12:40:18 PM
5 uses for security cameras you never thought of before now

Think about all of the valuable possessions inside your home. Jewelry, big-screen televisions, maybe some high-priced artwork, just to name a few things.

With treasured items like these, it's no wonder thieves are always trying to break in and rip us off. They don't even always wait for you to be out of town on vacation. Sometimes they have the nerve to sneak inside while we're asleep at night.

1. First things first, protect your home


Keeping an eye on your home is one of the most important things you can do as a home owner. One major part of home protection is ensuring that you have an appropriate surveillance system in place.

2. Keep an eye on the baby

Looking for burglars isn't the only thing your security cam can be used for. If you have a little one napping in the crib, why not set a camera up so you can make sure everything is fine at all times?

It will surely give you peace of mind while you're finishing up chores around the house. No more wondering what's happening in the baby's room. Now you will always know, even when you're in another room. What a great idea!

3. Check in on Fido

If you're an animal lover, most likely you have pets at home. I know when I'm at the office, I constantly worry about what my dog is up to.

Not anymore. Now I've set up a security camera that lets me check in on him whenever I have a chance.

Luckily, most times he's just lounging around or making it through his daily routine. But it's nice to know that if something were to go wrong, I would know about it and be able to take action.

4. Is Bigfoot destroying your garden?

Do you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening? If so, you've probably experienced tons of destroyed plants and vegetables over the years.

As fun and interesting as it would be to discover, no it's most likely not Bigfoot chowing down on this summer's garden crops. It's probably just one of those rascally rabbits we've been hearing about.

Setting up your security camera to face the garden will let you know for sure. If it's the neighbor's dog tearing things up, now you will know and be able to put a stop to it. If in fact it is Bigfoot, think of the tremendous footage you will capture. Score!

5. Make sure grandma is fine

If you have an elderly loved one living with you or on their own, it's a good idea to check in on them every now and then to make sure everything is fine. Having a security camera looking in on them will give you a sense of relief.

God forbid grandma or grandpa were to slip and fall and not have help on the way. If something horrible like that occurred, you could see it on camera and call 911 for them and rush to their assistance.

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